Boomers In Israel


This is more than a tour to Israel.  You wont get this experience with any other tour company.  The added ingredient, was Rabbi Baruch, who customed designed our trip, and continues to be part of our lives after. 

He brought us to a new level of understanding ourselves.  It was fun, inspiring, spiritual and uplifting.
- Karen Decou, Summer 2013

My other Boomers friends, have all been looking for an exciting experience. Now that our kids have left the house, our jobs have eased up and we are able to take some time to self-reflect, explore new frontiers and challenge our minds, it was the right time for me to go back to Israel.

Boomers Israel is so much more than a trip to Israel. Israel is the place to carve out a new path for yourself. Perhaps a change of ideas, perhaps a new approach at love or a time to embrace our loved ones again. Meet new friends and meet yourself, in Israel.

- Susan Fiedman, June 2013

Rabbi Plotkin