Boomers Mission

Our Mission

“What happens before and after the trip is as important as the trip itself.”

Our trips are more than just the time in Israel.  Our pre-trip orientations and post trip reunions make our trips stand out above other Israel experiences. 

So much more than a tour of Israel, you will gain new insight into your Jewish spirit and heritage. This is our unique advantage.  The process leading up to the trip and the post trip opportunities allow those who want, to make this a much greater adventure than just 10 days in Israel. 

Before Israel:

Upon your registration, you will have three orientations to meet your fellow travellers and to discuss the details of your trip.  Through this process, we will work together to customize your trip to maximize your experience in Israel.

In Israel: 

Although this is a deeply personal experience, it will be shared by all the members of your tour.  So, if your goal is to meet new friends, be with old ones, or just want to feel a tremendous sense of community, we create a dynamic environment that encourages meaningful connections. 

After Israel:

While in Israel, your Jewish identity will sparkle with pride and emotion. To sustain these feelings we encourage Shabbat dinner reunions, and other social and spiritual events with each other to help keep a piece of Israel in all our hearts and souls.    

You will make lifelong friends and share experiences that last well beyond your time in Israel. 


Birthright Boomers Mission